Rear View Reflections

Alde Feanen Dageraad 025

Most of the time it seems I’m just wandering aimlessly…searching for some random, ideal moment to spark my inspiration, my method is usually just walking forwards with my camera in my right hand…though whilst cycling I have my camera close to hand too and it’s possible to find me in some grass verge with my elbows resting on the handlebars trying to concentrate and capture something…whatever that something may be…

Always looking forwards though and I realised lately that I’m concentrating so much on what is before me that I forget to just glance back…and sometimes when I do I find exactly what I’m looking for. This photograph was taken early morning in the Alde Feanen in Earnewoude….before me were dragonflies, reed buntings and various warblers, all demanding my attention…

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