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The Morning After…


Morning Glory



Canine Free Zone



Centre of Attention

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 113

Waiting for the Sun

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 006

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 011

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 080

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Chasing the Dawn

The Early One 001

The Early One 004

The Early One 010

The Early One 025

The Early One 047

The Early One 053

A Brief Moment of Stability

Sunday Morning 124

Reed Buntings are plentiful in the reed beds on the marsh, swinging to and fro in the windblown reeds, squeaking out their trademark, staccato song…the above image was taken in a rare, tranquil moment on a blustery Sunday morning in June…

Sunday Morning 115

Just On Time

Sunday Morning 052

For the last three years I have noticed that Reed Warblers are always the last summer visitor to arrive on the marsh…It’s Always good to hear their song again and the Cuckoos are most delighted with their timely return! 😉

Sunday Morning 047

A Cunning Plan…

Early Birds 122

Cuckoos have been getting very excited and full of themselves lately…my personal theory for this behaviour is the arrival of Reed Warblers on the marsh… 😉

Early Birds 041

Bright & Early

Early Birds 001

Early Birds 059

Early Birds 224

Early Birds 232

Early Birds 238

Blue Monday

Early Birds 072


In the Neighbourhood

Closer to Home 117

It was the first day of June and I had decided to leave the bicycle and take a more local walk just to discover what was there…

Closer to Home 043

My spontaneous wanderings led me first through meadows where the mist was highlighted by the dawn sun and oystercatchers foraged in floral meadows…

Closer to Home 034

Along the side of the road I came across a Jay or two…

Closer to Home 061

Then I decided to check out a footpath alongside the motorway where years ago I used to walk with my beloved fox terrier called Billy…the verge was built up to create a sound barrier…the last time I had walked there there were many young trees…all of which had now been removed and was currently filled with flowers…

Between the flowers and scrub were many birds, mainly Whitethroats…yet there was a bird singing an amazingly beautiful song that was confusing me as it looked like a Reed Warbler, but I was familiar with the Reed Warblers’ song and I knew the song I was hearing was nothing like it…

Closer to Home 102

It wasn’t until a week or so later when I met a fellow photographer, who spoke over Marsh Warblers that it slowly began to dawn on me that all the years I had been overlooking this species…and as usual with bird identification, once you confirm the identity, you see and hear the Marsh Warbler everywhere…

Closer to Home 110

There were whitethroats everywhere too…to be honest it was all a bit of a pleasant surprise…

Closer to Home 119

Closer to Home 138

Finally, the sun was rising on the opposite side of the motorway to which I was standing and made a halo in the sky to round off a perfect morning stroll. 🙂

Closer to Home 146


Waiting for the Sun

Warming Up (Macro) 040

Life in the Slow Lane

Winterkoning 122


Bigmouth Strikes Again!

Winterkoning 068

Usually you will only hear the loud and vibrant song of a wren pulsating across the marsh, yet this tiny brown ball of song will remain hidden in the undergrowth….usually if you do manage to get a sighting of this bird it will only be for a fleeting split-second…

On this particular dawn I followed the song and waited until he hopped into view…this wren was scurrying up and down the branches whilst singing and eventually posed for me as the first rays of the morning sun filtered through the trees. 🙂

Winterkoning 061

Winterkoning 069

Winterkoning 065

Winterkoning 054


Under the Sun

A7 Sunday Session 120

Ancient Remains

A7 Sunday Session 174

Squeezed inbetween a motorway and an industrial estate are the ruins of an ancient pingo…

In the diagrams below you can see a “before and after”…On the left is back in the ice age when underground water pushed up through the permafrost to form an ice dome filled with water, the image on the right shows the present day situation.

A7 Sunday Session 036

A7 Sunday Session 032

A7 Sunday Session 180

A7 Sunday Session 001

Tending the Flock

Try Again =) 067

When in pursuit of butterflies and dragonflies, I regularly end up getting distracted and finding something else like this red wood ant carefully managing his aphid farm. Ants feed on the honeydew excretions from the aphids…in return the ants will protect the aphids from predators and when the host plant is depleted of nutrients the ants carry the aphids to a new food source… 😎



Try Again =) 032


Late Summer Glow

JDP Dawn 138

Electric Dreams

Try Again =) 126.jpg

After unsuccessfully trying to capture images of the abundant hawker dragonflies at rest on the sandy ground, I glanced up to see a line of them along the electric fence, signalling to each other with their wings… 😕

Right On Time

JDP Dawn 069

As the female swallow gazes out into the golden dawn, the male darts skillfully back in through the narrow bird-hide window carrying the next meal for their hungry offsping. 🙂


The First Summer

JDP Dawn 080


The Narrow Path

The Fourth of July 125