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A Questionable Tradition

A Special Evening 201

Lapwings are currently gathering together in huge flocks for the winter, on the marsh and in the meadows…they can be quite a sight with their coordindated flight displays which are very similar to starling murmurations…

Unfortunately it is an old and outdated tradition here in Friesland to bring the first lapwings’ egg to the kings’ commissioner symbolizing the beginning of spring…and many disturb nests between the 1st of March and the 9th of April to compete for first place… 😐

Occasionally I can get quite close to solitary subjects such as this one wading in the shallows of the marsh, captured in the setting, late summer sun…



To & Fro 062

Amongst the resting lapwings and snipe on the marsh, a couple of snipe suddenly get “beaky” with each other…only the slightest of elevations was neccessary to resolve this issue. 😉