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Beside the Still Waters

Song of the Wood Warbler


Territorial Defense

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Into the Labyrinth…

In the Lanes 157

In the Lanes (macro) 026

In the Lanes (macro) 001

In the Lanes (macro) 031

In the Lanes (macro) 050

Distraction with a Smile

Nature vs Football 181

This Willow Warbler was busy feeding her young with caterpillars through the crack in the willow tree until she noticed me watching then proceeded to fly closer to me and made a repetative “hooweet” sound…I only stayed there a few minutes as I was in fact interupting the last feed of the day…


Warming Up 153

Life in the Slow Lane

Winterkoning 122


Woodland Retreat

Try Again =) 133

After the persistent attacks from tenacious horse flies, I eventually have to take refuge in the welcome shade of the nearby forest…

This is also a favourite spot where I always stop for a while to observe the abundant birdlife…mostly treecreepers, woodpeckers, coal tits and goldcrests…it always seems to be a hive of activity here, even on those hot days of summer when everywhere else is quiet… 🙂

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The Narrow Path

The Fourth of July 125


Forest Morning

Forest Dawn 106

Under a Falling Sky

Liphusterheide 179

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Liphusterheide 159