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A Moment of Reflection

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A Hide for a Home

Occasionally I manage to get out at dawn to a nature reserve close to Earnewald in the hope of capturing better images from the cover of a bird hide…to my surprise swallows had taken to nesting in the rafters of the hide…

In these images a pair of swallows were busily building a nest, gracefully darting in and out of the narrow windows, while I tried my utmost to stay out of their way… 😉

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A Warm Welcome

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Usually warblers can prove quite elusive for the cameras’ lens, yet this Willow Warbler posed while singing, a familiar song for the time of year.

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Recently back from wintering in Africa (and looking good) is of course the Swallow.

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A common sound and sight on the marsh is the Reed Bunting…this bird flew circles around me before posing in a typical Reed Bunting way…I suspected I was near its’ nest.

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This Black Tailed Godwit was the first bird I saw this year on the marsh, definitely a fitting welcome party and my first photo of one. I was surprised I could get so close as this, normally wading birds are quite shy…I can never get closer than 50 metres to a snipe usually, despite many hours of careful stalking. Godwits are much bolder in that respect…reflected in their loud call…the dutch name for this bird is “Grutto”, a name which I believe is derived from its’ call.

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At only a couple of millimetres in length this is surely the smallest (and cutest) moth I’ve ever seen…it was also a weird experience at that moment to go into the macroworld whist surrounded by a vast open landscape….almost disorientating. 😉

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On leaving the marsh for the day, I couldn’t resist this photo opportunity of this years lambs.

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