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Quality Time



In the Midst of Change…


A Questionable Tradition

A Special Evening 201

Lapwings are currently gathering together in huge flocks for the winter, on the marsh and in the meadows…they can be quite a sight with their coordindated flight displays which are very similar to starling murmurations…

Unfortunately it is an old and outdated tradition here in Friesland to bring the first lapwings’ egg to the kings’ commissioner symbolizing the beginning of spring…and many disturb nests between the 1st of March and the 9th of April to compete for first place… 😐

Occasionally I can get quite close to solitary subjects such as this one wading in the shallows of the marsh, captured in the setting, late summer sun…


Connecting the Dots…

Missing the Match =) 059

Missing the Match =) 062

Sunset Squadron

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 074

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 083

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 105

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 086

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 093

Of Mice & Herons

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 052

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 042

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 034

Pasture of Plenty

A Special Evening 236

At the end of summer the meadows are mowed and many birds such as this Stork take advantage of this open and obstacle-free hunting ground. Herons, Crows and buzzards can also be found here, where life for a mouse has become suddenly become far more hazardous…

Avoiding the Firing Squad

A Special Evening 019

The Ruddy Duck is an exotic species from the Americas that has “escaped” from private collections into Europe and has interbred with some rare species of duck and is now more often seen through the cross-hairs of a rifle sight rather than a camera lens.

In the UK this duck was the subject of an extensive cull in the nineties and unfortunately it is also allowed to shoot this very cute duck here in Friesland. This particular duck was seen on a nature reserve somewhere in Friesland 😉 where I’d like to believe that it is safe…at least for now…

It always seems to me that nature has to pay for mankinds’ pathetic mistakes…Grey Squirrels, Signal Crayfish and Rose-Ringed Parakeets are somehow allowed to live at the expense of indigenous species while ruddy ducks have to be exterminated…not to mention that ridiculous badger cull in the UK…

Seriously, these people act like they are God but when it all goes wrong their only way to accept responsibility for their actions is to cull the entire species… 😦

A Special Evening 012


Memory Eclipse

To & Fro 083

Mostly I’m completely aware of the photographs I take, though I can’t quite remember taking this one of a Wigeon in eclipse plumage, which was a pleasant surprise after I uploaded the days images to my pc… I know there were several species of duck that I was attempting to photograph but I just don’t recall this Wigeon… 😕

The Gathering Gaggle

To & Fro 143

To & Fro 150

Hotel with a View

To & Fro 205

Starlings are gathering on the marsh in large numbers, as are geese and lapwings…

Along one side of the marsh are a line of electricity pylons which the starlings fully utilise in the late evening and night…each evening they choose a different one, though I do wonder how they manage to make a collective decision over which one to choose…

They create plenty of commotion and noise as they gather and line up at sunset at these convenient and well ventilated, electric hotels. 😉

To & Fro 182


An Evening in the Lanes

An Evening in the Lanes 131a

When the weather is so hot as it has been the last weeks I tend to spend more time in the narrow lanes between the pastures…the lanes are all lined with trees and vegetation and are a good place to search for various insects and birds, also providing a pleasant alternative and shelter from the oppressive heat of the marsh and open pasture. Lately I have found a couple of quite narrow lanes such as the one shown in the image below which I assume is meant to be a footpath….the route is lined with tree roots making the way quite bumpy and potentially very wet if I lose my concentration for a split second. 😉

An Evening in the Lanes 097

Small fields seperated by lines of trees make a perfect habitat for the buzzard…I seem to hear them quite a lot at the moment…this young buzzard was soaring about making himself heard…

An Evening in the Lanes 155

If you look carefully in the top left-hand corner of this last image you can see one of the many dragonflies that were hunting in the lanes.

An Evening in the Lanes 163

Into the Mystic

Stretching the Legs 107

Stretching the Legs 106

Stretching the Legs 104

Stretching the Legs 110

Circa Diem

Tiger Moths and Murmurations 135a

When the day reaches this exact point, I never really feel ready to have to stop the session and make the return journey…the day may last an extra two to four hours at least in my opinion… 😉


Evanescent Evening

Tiger Moths and Murmurations 061

In the Meadows

Curlew Sunset 131

The wild meadows are full of the haunting songs of curlews, so I sat down in the grass to see what would happen…

Curlew Sunset 121

Curlew Sunset 122

After a while I noticed that I had a companion close by…

Curlew Sunset 149

The curlews kept flying around calling and singing, attacking any intruders flying over “their” meadow such as crows, buzzards and herons.

Curlew Sunset 115

Curlew Sunset 127

Curlew Sunset 116

Curlew Sunset 128

Later on there were a couple of roe deer running and playing in the long grass.

Curlew Sunset 173

As the evening progessed more flies started to arrive… 😕

Curlew Sunset 144

Into the Wild…

For the record, “the wild” is anywhere outside the boundaries of my own secluded life…”its like a jungle out there” as Grandmaster Flash once correctly pointed out…sometime in the eighties…

Yeah, the eighties….back in those days I was a keen angler…up at the crack of dawn to spend quality time by the lakes and rivers of southern England, a perfectly acceptable reason to spend extensive periods of time in the midst of Gods’ creation….it’s like you need to have an alibi…if not angling then you need to have a dog and/or a pair of binoculars or people start to worry about what you are actually doing there…

Bovine Sunset

On the outskirts of the lake and marsh area are drier fields where cattle and sheep live their lives, they have this habit of distracting me and seem to enjoy posing for the camera…they are quite often curious and stroll over….maybe its that red light on my camera…?

Scenic Spider

So there I was sitting inbetween the sedge grass on a dry spot on the peat marsh…hopefully waiting…I’m sitting next to a shallow pool with mud flats hoping that the birds will return….when I arrive at this place , no matter how stealthy I try to be, the shy wading birds take to flight….snipe, wood sandpiper, redshank, curlew…they always see me before I see them. So the plan is to sit and wait…but they try to return…and they see me of course… : /

Eventually the sunset distracts me…especially the way the light filters through the sedge grass….I didn’t have a clue that spidey wanted in on the shoot….