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Waiting for the Sun

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 006

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 011

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 080

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Sunny Side Up

JDP & De Leyen 161

After the recent post displaying shovelers on a cloudy day, I only thought it was fair to add one of a shoveler with some sun and colour in this late burst of summer we have been experiencing the last couple of weeks. 😉

Feel the Sun

Visarend & Zilver Reigers 009


A Stile in the Sun

When attempting macro-photography it is obviously better the closer you get to the subject…but if you get too close or accidentally make a sudden movement flies will just simply fly away…

However, this hoverfly with amazing eyes, who I found sunbathing on a stile just kept gingerly sidestepping out of my focus when I got too close…it kept sidestepping until it got around to the edge of the plank where I managed to capture this image.

not Raining ;) 119