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Webs in the Sedge

Forest Dawn 014

Forest Dawn 032

Forest Dawn 012

Forest Dawn 026

A Precarious Ascent

Macro-May 061

On my arrival at the marsh I decided to relax a bit in the sun at the pumphouse yet in my immediate vicinity there were many invertebrates already demanding my attention…

In a short space of time I met a few beetles, a weevil and a caterpillar before this strikingly adorned longhorn beetle took centre stage, he scurried across the wooden platform and began to climb the pumphouse…he was like a hobbit with a mission…

Macro-May 057

In fact this ascent began to bear a remarkable resemblance to a certain hobbity adventure I remember…

Macro-May 058

Macro-May 062

Longhorn was starting to find that things were getting a little sticky along the way…

Macro-May 063

But on his arrival at the “cave” next to the window frame “Esmerelda” was ready and waiting… 😕

Macro-May 065

After a fleeting struggle, Longhorn freed himself from the spiders clasp, leapt spectacularly from the wall, down onto the wooden platform to promptly make his escape to live another day. 🙂

Macro-May 066



In Plain Sight

Taking it Easy 020

An Everyday Occurrence

Taking it Easy 115

It was impossible to miss this garden spider whilst surveying rows of cow parsley.

She worked fast and made it all look very easy in the naturally filtered late morning sun. This web weaving appears so simple yet in macroworld we can see the spinnerets extruding silk for her orb web and loose threads awaiting attachment…

Taking it Easy 103

Taking it Easy 105

Taking it Easy 109

Taking it Easy 114



Cobwebs & Silhouettes

A Misty Morning in May 078

A Misty Morning in May 077

A Misty Morning in May 079

A Misty Morning in May 086



Follow that Marsh Harrier! 045

Hidden amongst the seemingly innocent floral landscape lies in wait yet another danger to the unsuspecting flies of these marshy lowlands…

Follow that Marsh Harrier! 049

Follow that Marsh Harrier! 050

Follow that Marsh Harrier! 053


Scenic Spider

So there I was sitting inbetween the sedge grass on a dry spot on the peat marsh…hopefully waiting…I’m sitting next to a shallow pool with mud flats hoping that the birds will return….when I arrive at this place , no matter how stealthy I try to be, the shy wading birds take to flight….snipe, wood sandpiper, redshank, curlew…they always see me before I see them. So the plan is to sit and wait…but they try to return…and they see me of course… : /

Eventually the sunset distracts me…especially the way the light filters through the sedge grass….I didn’t have a clue that spidey wanted in on the shoot….