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Territorial Defense

~just trying~ 012

The Blue Forest

Frogs & the Blue Forest 068

One thing I really like doing is getting lost in the woods because I always know I will eventually find my way out…

This was my first visit to the Blue Forest and of course I strayed from the main route, lost the way and almost run over an adder for the second time this year….both times I nearly fell off my bike! 😮

Frogs & the Blue Forest 074


The Fruits of Summer

An Evening in the Lanes 057

An Evening in the Lanes 060

An Evening in the Lanes 077

An Evening in the Lanes 053


A Welcome Distraction

Dandelion Path 005

During my household chores I noticed this Speckled Wood butterfly as it flew into my peripheral vision…obviously I had no choice but to drop my chores and pick up my camera! 😉

Dandelion Path 009