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Chasing the Dawn

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Singing All Day

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At this time of year the marsh is alive with song….as always, the warblers lead the way in the unrelenting serenade…

Usually found amongst the reeds, the sedge warbler (above) stakes his musical, territorial claim from dawn to dusk whilst in the trees and shrubs the blackcap (below) sings a cool, sweet tune… ūüôā

Winterkoning 134

Music of the Marsh

Spring merges into summer, time is racing like an unstoppable¬†lightning bolt, I try to get out there more frequently than last year because I know if I blink then I may just miss it all…

The marshland and meadows¬†are out of bounds for the general public until the 15th of June, there are many birds which nest on the ground there, such as lapwings, snipe and geese so¬†I stay on the main footpaths for another week…theres a large family of greylag geese there at the moment….but it’s impossible getting anywhere near them, even without the imposed regulations…geese see you coming at a 100 metres or more, it’s those long necks.¬†‚ėļ¬†¬†¬†Also, without the reed to provide cover either side of the path I’m not going to be sneaking up on anything for a while at least…though the reed grows quickly once it gets going…

So I have a few key places I sit and wait, and watch and listen….the constant song of the sedge warbler has been the main feature this last month…

This last week I have noticed that the reed warblers have decided to turn up too…I am reasonably confident I can tell their songs apart¬†now…the sedge warbler is more chaotic and avant-garde in his compositions and the reed warbler is more structured and patterned. There are a few grasshopper warblers too…I only ever catch a fleeting glimpse of one in flight. There are many willow warblers though….as the name suggests….wherever there is a willow there will be a willow warbler. ‚ėļ

The call of the black-tailed godwit is also frequently heard….they like getting into groups and making lots of noise…similar to sparrows in a way…

Amidst all the noise and constant attention seeking….others are more silent and solitary…