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Forest Dawn 116

There’s something about the light and colours of this place…at dawn and dusk, a bit of sunshine to just set everything off and voila! ğŸ˜Ž

Something about the colours of sedge grass and heather on the heathland seem to glow against the dark background of the surrounding forest…

Just something…je ne sais quoi… 😕

Webs in the Sedge

Forest Dawn 014

Forest Dawn 032

Forest Dawn 012

Forest Dawn 026

Scenic Spider

So there I was sitting inbetween the sedge grass on a dry spot on the peat marsh…hopefully waiting…I’m sitting next to a shallow pool with mud flats hoping that the birds will return….when I arrive at this place , no matter how stealthy I try to be, the shy wading birds take to flight….snipe, wood sandpiper, redshank, curlew…they always see me before I see them. So the plan is to sit and wait…but they try to return…and they see me of course… : /

Eventually the sunset distracts me…especially the way the light filters through the sedge grass….I didn’t have a clue that spidey wanted in on the shoot….