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Halycon Days

Being There

A Bit of Sun 146

It is a rare honour to be able to get this close to Roe Deer, I had unwittingly stumbled upon this pair while I was unsuccessfully stalking Savi’s Warblers and Bluethroats…

To get a bit closer I did crawl on hands and knees under the cover of last years reed and a conveniently placed hawthorn…the wind was blowing from the right and sometimes I was afraid that the buck caught my scent as he started making snorting sounds when there was a break in the wind…

As the wind fizzed through the reeds on a sunny evening in May…time stood still…

A Bit of Sun 142

A Bit of Sun 133

A Bit of Sun 151


Ears to Hear

Late October Sun (2 Days) 180

Late October Sun (2 Days) 193

Underneath the Ash Trees

No Roe =( 015

With the warm weather of recent weeks, the best time of day to get out there is in the evening and then to a shady spot under ash trees and wait for roe deer to hopefully appear…

On this particular evening the roe deer didn’t show….I spent much of the evening laying in the grass gazing up into the tree and at the way the sunlight was filtering through the foliage and all of a sudden a great spotted woodpecker appeared. 😉

No Roe =( 012