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New Life

Wild & Windy 020

Every summer there are plenty of new arrivals on the marsh, such as this juvenile Reed Bunting viewing me from close range with youthful curiosity… 😉

A Brief Moment of Stability

Sunday Morning 124

Reed Buntings are plentiful in the reed beds on the marsh, swinging to and fro in the windblown reeds, squeaking out their trademark, staccato song…the above image was taken in a rare, tranquil moment on a blustery Sunday morning in June…

Sunday Morning 115

Blowin’ in the Wind

Marsh Harriers elude me for now…but there are a variety of other species of birds to distract me from my obsession while I wait.

I know the general route where the marsh harriers patrol the margins of the lake and the reed beds…yet they still prove to be unpredictable in their movements, they could always capture something before they near the place where I wait…I’ve even tried running too to get within range…but marsh harriers tend to notice stuff like that…

There’s a cool wind been blowing here all week…beautiful sunshine but the wind just keeps blowing, nice temperatures for getting burnt to a crisp in the backyard but in the evening winds out on the marsh it can get a bit chilly, I’m always grateful for my hoody.

This particular day the wind was quite strong, by the time I returned home I felt like I had been sailing all day…but windy days are also perfect for marsh harriers to levitate…I had already seen one and he was levitating…just too far away…

Close to where I was leaning against a small signpost a pair of reed buntings are nesting….this male posed for me on a old dry reed which really whipped backwards and forwards in the strong wind….inbetween lots of other reeds doing the same thing…so its was a real challenge to capture this at all….the reed buntings’ position is constantly changing as the reed blows from side to side while the bunting clings on….singing…☺

Learning Curve 041

Learning Curve 057

Learning Curve 067

Learning Curve 083

A Warm Welcome

Back Again =) 072

Usually warblers can prove quite elusive for the cameras’ lens, yet this Willow Warbler posed while singing, a familiar song for the time of year.

Back Again =) 087

Recently back from wintering in Africa (and looking good) is of course the Swallow.

Back Again =) 136b

A common sound and sight on the marsh is the Reed Bunting…this bird flew circles around me before posing in a typical Reed Bunting way…I suspected I was near its’ nest.

Back Again =) 065b

This Black Tailed Godwit was the first bird I saw this year on the marsh, definitely a fitting welcome party and my first photo of one. I was surprised I could get so close as this, normally wading birds are quite shy…I can never get closer than 50 metres to a snipe usually, despite many hours of careful stalking. Godwits are much bolder in that respect…reflected in their loud call…the dutch name for this bird is “Grutto”, a name which I believe is derived from its’ call.

Back Again =) 139

At only a couple of millimetres in length this is surely the smallest (and cutest) moth I’ve ever seen…it was also a weird experience at that moment to go into the macroworld whist surrounded by a vast open landscape….almost disorientating. 😉

Back Again =) 169

On leaving the marsh for the day, I couldn’t resist this photo opportunity of this years lambs.

Back Again =) 167