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Amphibious Reinstatement

Frogs & the Blue Forest 144

Usually when I approach this small shallow pingo ruin on the edge of the forest I hear a succession of small splashes as the frogs retreat to the safety of the water. This day was no different even though I did try to creep up on them….so I just sat down by the waters edge and waited…

Surely enough, one by one, the frogs gradually began to return until the point that I was surrounded by these amphibians…in the first picture above, this curious frog hopped right up to the lens… 😎

Frogs & the Blue Forest 152


Ancient Remains

A7 Sunday Session 174

Squeezed inbetween a motorway and an industrial estate are the ruins of an ancient pingo…

In the diagrams below you can see a “before and after”…On the left is back in the ice age when underground water pushed up through the permafrost to form an ice dome filled with water, the image on the right shows the present day situation.

A7 Sunday Session 036

A7 Sunday Session 032

A7 Sunday Session 180

A7 Sunday Session 001

A Change of Scenery

duurswoudeheide 023

In my search for inspiration, I always seem to visit one of the many wetland nature reserves in my area…yet in the last weeks of summer I decided to explore heathland and woodland areas instead….just because it was different, new roads to cycle, new sights to see…

Inbetween the farmland, there are forests surrounding remains from the ice age, sandy heathland full of heather and ancient pingo ruins…so different from the type of terrain to which I had become accustomed…

duurswoudeheide 067

duurswoudeheide 001

There is an almost intense silence which prevails here, the trees blocking out the sound of nearby roads which in turn provide shelter from the wind…grasshoppers and crickets are the main audio entertainment here other than the occasional call of a stonechat.

DWH #3 029

duurswoudeheide 077

DWH #3 059