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Doorstep Wilderness

Baby Hedgehogs =D 012

There was a familiar squeal from the garden, armed with flashlight and camera, your intrepid reporter proceeded to investigate into the current state of affairs within the doorstep wilderness… 😉

The smell of woodsmoke hung on the wind as I stepped out into the cool October evening and before I knew it I was surrounded by mini-hedgehogs…well three or four anyway…they were noisily foraging and already at their young age seemed perfectly able to take care of themselves.

Approximately a third of the size of a fully grown adult hedgehog, they seemed totally undisturbed by my presence….in fact one of them kept fearlessly homing in on my feet and camera lens.

Baby Hedgehogs =D 002

This one got a feather stuck on its’ nose…

Baby Hedgehogs =D 005

The next day I found one rummaging about under the bamboo in the middle of the afternoon and again this perfect mini-hedgehog seemed perfectly content with my intrusion…adult hedgehogs are far more wary….which I assume is something these patio punks still need to learn…

Afternoon Hedgehog =D 012