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Elusive Virtuoso

I really do love all bird songs, but the Marsh Warbler’s compositions are on a different level altogether…


Of Lanes and Melodies


Life Through the Centuries


Line Up


The Morning After…


Migrant Hawker


Halycon Days


The Whirring of Summer Marshes

Song of the Wood Warbler


Old Normal


Pump Station Bream 231

Since I moved to Friesland 24 years ago the stork has recovered from the earlier severe decline in numbers which was due to the loss of suitable habitat. In the last 20 years, marshland restoration, reintroduction projects and the erection of platforms on high poles for storks to nest has led to a notable increase in the numbers of storks.

There are now approximately 750 breeding pairs in the Netherlands. 🙂

Pump Station Bream 229


Sitting and Waiting

Twenty two years ago I spent a short time living on the street in Amsterdam…in this time I used to work the hat for a busker…

This meant that I used to acquire an empty KFC cola container and as she played her guitar and sang variations of popular songs, I would stand between the passers by jangling the coins in the cup and hassle them for “money for music”…she had an interesting version of “Can’t Buy Me Love” from the Beatles, which was amusing as in the lyrics she revealed that she didn’t care at all about the currency that we were working for through the act of busking.

She was experienced and very streetwise, I was a novice who had the good fortune to learn from her experience. I will never forget one of her observations which went ~ “Sit still long enough, a little bird will land on you”~. This was meant metaphorically to illustrate when you get into the situation when you, for example, can’t find your next meal , just sit down and eventually someone will come to you.

Recently I am reminded of her words as I take time off to stop actively searching for photo opportunities and just sit and wait and lo and behold the birds will appear…

Everchanging Skies

Goldfinches,Heron,Cows,Reed Buntings etc 001

So it has not been a perfect summer here in the Netherlands this year by any stretch of the imagination…plenty of rain giving cause for the general population to complain and moan about not being able to bask in the sun like lizards…

Quite honestly from my perspective clear blue skies can get very boring….give me a selection of clouds dramatically changing the light from one minute to the next any day…

These photos were taken on the same August evening again at the lake surrounded by marshland called De Leijen in Friesland.

Goldfinches,Heron,Cows,Reed Buntings etc 180

Goldfinches,Heron,Cows,Reed Buntings etc 246