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Journey’s End

Fear Not

Inside Out

Inside Out 3

Into the Depths…

Into the Depths...

Down the Rabbit Hole we go…deeper and deeper…

~ Originally created as bumper music for The Zeph Report ~


EnnuiPreviously unreleased material found inbetween the mess on the mixing room floor from 2012…

Under the Sun

Under the Sun

KonCERN (Bad Gateway Mix)


Singing All Day

49 065

At this time of year the marsh is alive with song….as always, the warblers lead the way in the unrelenting serenade…

Usually found amongst the reeds, the sedge warbler (above) stakes his musical, territorial claim from dawn to dusk whilst in the trees and shrubs the blackcap (below) sings a cool, sweet tune… 🙂

Winterkoning 134