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A Misty Morning in May 045

A Misty Morning in May 048a

Cobwebs & Silhouettes

A Misty Morning in May 078

A Misty Morning in May 077

A Misty Morning in May 079

A Misty Morning in May 086


Dawn Patrol

A Misty Morning in May 012a

It was the third consecutive episode of “Dawn Patrol” this year, the previous two episodes had left some wear and tear leading to a general lack of enthusiasm by the third day.

The weather report had predicted frost and mist which, despite my sluggish lateness, fueled my curiosity and enthusiasm to actually attend this event….it was cold though, there was frost adorning the rows of freshly cut grass, the sounds and sights could deceive you into thinking it was a summer dawn…yet I was longing for a pair of gloves!

It is also interesting to note that I was an hour later than on the previous two mornings….so if I was “on time” I would have missed these exact views…so by being “late” I was in fact just in time. 😉

A Misty Morning in May 023a

A Misty Morning in May 027

A Misty Morning in May 028

A Misty Morning in May 033

A Misty Morning in May 038

Equine Equanimity

Earnewoude 063

In the northern hemisphere we move slowly but surely from summer to autumn, the migrating birds depart for warmer climates and in turn birds from the north will start to arrive.

My own habits change too, the dawn seems empty without the avian serenade we have become accustomed too in spring and summer.

On this particular late summer, misty morning I decided to check out some different routes as I aimlessly wandered…horses and ponies caught my eye as they greeted the new day playfully in the cool dampness of the dawn mist.

Earnewoude 057

Earnewoude 046

Earnewoude 048

Earnewoude 050

Earnewoude 060

New Day

JDP2 020

JDP2 028

JDP2 050

Misty Morning

De Leijen, Rietzangers, Visdief en Haas 012

It was a cool summer morning as I arrived at De Leijen again….the cycle path was infested with thick clouds of gnats…I’m cycling slowly, peering over hedgerows and between trees as I go…and then I noticed this buzzard classically perched on a post…however I did not notice at the time the two rabbits posing in the left hand corner…