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Canine Free Zone


Midsummer Magnetism

Quieter 041

Neglecting to blog in the month of July means that I am still posting photographs from June…throughout the duration of this hiatus I was still getting out there with my camera, therefore I have collected quite a lot of images to sort through and arrange for the blogosphere…

However for the last couple of weeks my bicycle has been in a workshop for some serious repairs 😐 ….which in turn has given me the chance to catch up with the blog…I was able to borrow a bicycle but I don’t really feel right about cycling long distances and leaving the bike unattended in the midst of the wild…

The above image of a Meadow Pipit is from late June…this bird was still singing enthusiastically in this time amongst the long grass of the meadows which encompass the marsh. 🙂

One Last Chance

Tree Sparrows & More 121

On this day back in the middle of June, many attempts at capturing a shot of a Meadow Pipit didn’t quite make the grade…

Until of course the moment I got on my bicycle to leave…

This young bird met me at the top of the lane and surprisingly waited while I got the camera out of the bag and made the neccesary preparations, still sitting on the bicycle I was fortunate enough to get in one last spontaneous photo session before daylight faded into night.


Ears to Hear

Late October Sun (2 Days) 180

Late October Sun (2 Days) 193

Savanna Sojourn

Late October Sun (2 Days) 129

Just like an Oxpecker feeding on the back of a Rhinoceros…except this time it’s a Magpie on the back of a cow…the scene is obviously not Sub-Saharan Africa but the pastures of Friesland basking in the autumnal sun… 😉

Late October Sun (2 Days) 111

Lady of the Meadow

Vrijburg Blues 193

Vrijburg Blues 180

Vrijburg Blues 200

Vrijburg Blues 192a

In the Meadows

Curlew Sunset 131

The wild meadows are full of the haunting songs of curlews, so I sat down in the grass to see what would happen…

Curlew Sunset 121

Curlew Sunset 122

After a while I noticed that I had a companion close by…

Curlew Sunset 149

The curlews kept flying around calling and singing, attacking any intruders flying over “their” meadow such as crows, buzzards and herons.

Curlew Sunset 115

Curlew Sunset 127

Curlew Sunset 116

Curlew Sunset 128

Later on there were a couple of roe deer running and playing in the long grass.

Curlew Sunset 173

As the evening progessed more flies started to arrive… 😕

Curlew Sunset 144