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Fade In



Divine Intervention



Territorial Defense

~just trying~ 012

Into the Labyrinth…

In the Lanes 157

In the Lanes (macro) 026

In the Lanes (macro) 001

In the Lanes (macro) 031

In the Lanes (macro) 050

A Change Of Focus

Superfly (macro) 020

This year so far I have been more focused on bird photography although I still keep a watchful eye on the invertebrate activity even though I do find it difficult to multi-task as my eyes and ears are primarily tuned in to the birdlife…

Being a bit of a novice concerning dragonflies, I believe this specimen to be a female Black-tailed Skimmer…



Waiting for the Sun

Warming Up (Macro) 040


Inside & Out

Autumn Moth 012

Life in a Painting


Bug Rescue =) 081

They are little creatures, these insects…that’s why I’ve got to get right down there with them in the dirt…sometimes it helps to actually lay down. 😉

This was the case with this ladybird…I was laying down on the track next to this group of flowers… originally I was attracted to this spot by bees and tiny hoverflies when I came across this busy little fellow who didn’t stop moving at all…

Because of the low perspective I am virtually guaranteed a ready made, impressionist, bokeh background every time…

At the end of the day, if I have sore elbows, soggy knees and nettle stings then I know that I must of had a good day! 🙂

Bug Rescue =) 079

Bug Rescue =) 116

Bug Rescue =) 115


The Blue Forest

Frogs & the Blue Forest 068

One thing I really like doing is getting lost in the woods because I always know I will eventually find my way out…

This was my first visit to the Blue Forest and of course I strayed from the main route, lost the way and almost run over an adder for the second time this year….both times I nearly fell off my bike! 😮

Frogs & the Blue Forest 074


Bug Rescue

Bug Rescue =) 184

While I was observing the aquatic life in the drainage ditch such as pond skaters and various water snails I noticed one individual seemingly having some serious problems in this watery environment…

After finding a stick of suitable length I managed to rescue the unfortunate insect and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was some kind of Shield Bug, an insect which I haven’t come across for years…

After placing the stick and bug in the sunlight, there was a lot of flapping about to rid the excess water and fortunately the bug made a quick recovery. 🙂

Bug Rescue =) 176

Latticed Heath


Bug Rescue =) 035Bug Rescue =) 055




Nothing Ventured... ;) 145


Voyagers’ Hiatus

Equine Overtones 094


Amongst the Heather

Mysterious Heath 221

Female of the Species

Mysterious Heath 123

Mysterious Heath 068

Mysterious Heath 154

Mysterious Heath 187

Wear & Tear

Try Again =) 231

At the end of a long, intense morning photographing insects in the baking sun I decided to rest with a sugary drink in preparation for the return journey back to heartical HQ…

Almost immediately this rather ragged looking Ringlet turns up and seems rather attracted to the orange lid on the bottle and then decides to come and sit right next to me…all morning I had been carefully creeping around after shy butterfies and dragonflies which were acutely sensitive and flew away at the slightest of movements… 😉

Try Again =) 252

An Azure Evening

Skippers, Whites and Blues 276

Skippers, Whites and Blues 277

Skippers, Whites and Blues 280

Lady of the Meadow

Vrijburg Blues 193

Vrijburg Blues 180

Vrijburg Blues 200

Vrijburg Blues 192a

Beetles & Trees

Skippers, Whites and Blues 234

On one of the very narrow lanes that I cycle along there have been some rather large trees cut down and now there’s a whole minature forest of what I assume to be aspens as there are many aspens in this region.

It took the unsuccessful pursuit of a dragonfly to get me to down to the right level to notice quite a large number of these Poplar Leaf Beetles milling about in this tiny woodland…at first I was more into their colouration and the way the light caught it against the algae background…but when I uploaded the images onto my PC, I was totally amazed when I saw their intricate lattice-work feet… 😎

Skippers, Whites and Blues 244

Learning to Look

Skulenboarg Skipper 045

Since spring I’ve been keeping my eye out for skippers but I didn’t seem to find any…they seemed quite distinctive from photo’s bloggers have posted here on WordPress, yet they are actually quite a bit smaller than I originally thought…

Within the last couple of months I started to notice them on the edges of ditches and meadows but failed to attain a decent image due to focusing issues….until the above image…when this Small Skipper just presented itself to me, I think it is a small skipper but I’m hardly what you can call an expert…

Skippers, Whites and Blues 182

In the rest of the images, which were taken on the following days at the same venue, they look more like Essex skippers…whichever skipper they are I’m very proud to be able to present my first skipper images! 😀

Skulenboarg Skipper 028

Skulenboarg Skipper 046

Party Pooper

Skulenboarg Skipper 064

Sometimes you can find a small area under the sun where there are many butterfies and other insects…I call them “hot spots”, its like a party…a festival of insects….

You can guarantee that horse flies will be also be present at these parties to constantly harrass me with their bloodlust while I am trying to concentrate on photographing butterflies and dragonflies…they seem to land on the camera quite a lot too, I can suffer them for a while but eventually it’s always nice to cycle off in search of a more shady environment… 😕


Birdsfoot Blues

Vrijburg Blues 072

Quite close to where I live there is a meadow with a network of mowed pathways, here grows mainly birdsfoot trefoil and clover. Lately I have noticed on passing, many butterflies…notably common blues…its a good job I keep my eyes open on my journeys…

It was the birdsfoot trefoil that caught my attention in the first place…about a month ago I read this at “A Tramp in the Woods” blog that this is a good place to look for common blues and it sort of stuck in my head…Thanks Colin and all you other bloggers for your blogs as we learn together! 🙂

Vrijburg Blues 075

Vrijburg Blues 060Vrijburg Blues 068


Mint Whites

Skippers, Whites and Blues 132

Skippers, Whites and Blues 140

Skippers, Whites and Blues 141

Under the Sun

A7 Sunday Session 120