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Sunset Squadron

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 074

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 083

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 105

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 086

Heron & Geese Rottefalle 093

The Gathering Gaggle

To & Fro 143

To & Fro 150

Canadian Settlers

Hotter Than July 061

These canada geese have had this whole marshy field, east of the main canal, for themselves to successfully raise their families in safety…there are quite a number of geese in this pasture too. 🙂

Out of Service

DWH #3 169

The title is a translation for the status sign on the bus which just brought the geese, swans and ducks back home after a long day out on the town… 😉

DWH #3 173

DWH #3 177

DWH #3 175


Egyptian Geese can usually expect 5-9 eggs in a typical brood, so fifteen is way over the mark, my only theory is this is two broods together…some kind of adoption…but there were only two adults watching over the chicks….so I really don’t know…

Apparently long-tailed tits will feed another brood of chicks if they lose their own brood…so there are fragments of compassion in nature too…but to add that as possible evidence for my theory is probably a bit out there….I just can’t imagine a goose sitting on 15 (possibly more) eggs…can you?

Ree avond 001