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A Horse, Three Gates & Two Carrots

Horsemouth 063

There are plenty of horses in Friesland but this particular Frisian horse always gets my attention, I always stop and say hi and scratch his shoulders for a bit and marvel at his beauty and sheer power….

He usually is standing by the gate in the lower field where the light and open space don’t really work for me…after several photo sessions without the desired result I realised I needed to interfere…

Equine Overtones 029


At the top of the field is an open gate to another field with also has another gate on the sandlane amongst some trees and the light which I needed…he has both fields all to himself…all year…of course, I wonder why…

One day I chopped up a couple of large carrots….I got his attention and got him to follow me around the side of the field but he got distracted by some grass… 😕

After cycling around the corner and down the lane to the gate in the other field, I hopped over the gate and through the dividing gate and called him while waving a carrot about…at first he pretended to ignore me…then after a quick glance, started galloping over so I swiftly hopped back over the gate and grabbed my camera… 😉

Equine Overtones 023

Equine Overtones 024

When the carrots were eaten he started to bite other stuff like the gate and tried to give me the occasional sneaky nip too…that head and neck are huge…a simple turn of the head from his view is like a major manoeuvre for a mere human…he will sometimes kick the gate with his front hooves, not hard but he got one of his hooves a bit stuck at one point…all a far cry from the recent butterfly photography! As much as I love this magnificent creature, I must admit that I’m glad of the gate that divides us….for now… 😉

Horsemouth 069

Horsemouth 075

A Cool Sunday 014a

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