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Savanna Sojourn

Late October Sun (2 Days) 129

Just like an Oxpecker feeding on the back of a Rhinoceros…except this time it’s a Magpie on the back of a cow…the scene is obviously not Sub-Saharan Africa but the pastures of Friesland basking in the autumnal sun… ­čśë

Late October Sun (2 Days) 111

Quiet Contemplation

A quiet afternoon…I’m more used to dawn or dusk (mostly dusk)…a day before there was a lot of rain…this day was windy and warm though…many white butterflies and dragonflies and any other buzzy creatures too…it always changes, everyday is different.

Bovine Sunset

On the outskirts of the lake and marsh area are drier fields where cattle and sheep live their lives, they have┬áthis habit of distracting me and seem to enjoy posing for the camera…they are quite often curious and stroll over….maybe its that red┬álight on my camera…?