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A New Disguise

After encountering this ‘Map’ butterfly back in May, I was absolutely certain that I would never forget it, however I did forget this butterfly takes on a new form in the summer…

Sunshi 056

The above image is the darker summer form when we recently met on the edge of a forest and underneath is my first ever encounter with this gem amongst the spring blooms on the marsh…

Taking it Easy 172

High Noon

Taking it Easy 146

It was exactly 11:58 when I pressed the shutter release so this noon fly was right on time! 😎

Taking it Easy 150



Calm B4 Storm 118

Calm B4 Storm 121


Pump Station Bream 007

Suddenly these soldier beetles seemingly appeared from nowhere…from one day to the next they were present in each and every cow parsley flower I came across. In the above image it is readily apparent why these beetles are known as leatherjackets.

These beetles are quite active in their search for nectar amongst the blooms and can be quite amusing as they appear to stumble and sometimes even fall in their clumsy quest for nutrition…

Pump Station Bream 016

Pump Station Bream 018

Calm B4 Storm 175

Calm B4 Storm 133



A Moment of Clarity

Taking it Easy 157