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Wear & Tear

Try Again =) 231

At the end of a long, intense morning photographing insects in the baking sun I decided to rest with a sugary drink in preparation for the return journey back to heartical HQ…

Almost immediately this rather ragged looking Ringlet turns up and seems rather attracted to the orange lid on the bottle and then decides to come and sit right next to me…all morning I had been carefully creeping around after shy butterfies and dragonflies which were acutely sensitive and flew away at the slightest of movements… 😉

Try Again =) 252

Party Pooper

Skulenboarg Skipper 064

Sometimes you can find a small area under the sun where there are many butterfies and other insects…I call them “hot spots”, its like a party…a festival of insects….

You can guarantee that horse flies will be also be present at these parties to constantly harrass me with their bloodlust while I am trying to concentrate on photographing butterflies and dragonflies…they seem to land on the camera quite a lot too, I can suffer them for a while but eventually it’s always nice to cycle off in search of a more shady environment… 😕


An Evening in the Lanes

An Evening in the Lanes 131a

When the weather is so hot as it has been the last weeks I tend to spend more time in the narrow lanes between the pastures…the lanes are all lined with trees and vegetation and are a good place to search for various insects and birds, also providing a pleasant alternative and shelter from the oppressive heat of the marsh and open pasture. Lately I have found a couple of quite narrow lanes such as the one shown in the image below which I assume is meant to be a footpath….the route is lined with tree roots making the way quite bumpy and potentially very wet if I lose my concentration for a split second. 😉

An Evening in the Lanes 097

Small fields seperated by lines of trees make a perfect habitat for the buzzard…I seem to hear them quite a lot at the moment…this young buzzard was soaring about making himself heard…

An Evening in the Lanes 155

If you look carefully in the top left-hand corner of this last image you can see one of the many dragonflies that were hunting in the lanes.

An Evening in the Lanes 163

A Late Gift

Hotter Than July 116

After an unsuccessful day chasing ringlets, meadow browns and various dragonflies I met this comma sunning itself as I returned to my bicycle…the above image is the last one I made on this day… 🙂


Quiet Contemplation

A quiet afternoon…I’m more used to dawn or dusk (mostly dusk)…a day before there was a lot of rain…this day was windy and warm though…many white butterflies and dragonflies and any other buzzy creatures too…it always changes, everyday is different.