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Avian Retribution

Unhappy Blackbird 006

It’s a tough life for a blackbird in this neighbourhood…

This male blackbird relentlessly heckled this cat for three whole days, virtually non-stop…this is most likely the result of the cat killing a family member, usually a young bird…

In this case I think the unfortunate victim was the spouse as there is only one bird present…

Unhappy Blackbird 020

Unhappy Blackbird 028

Unhappy Blackbird 023

First and Last

Dandelion Path 082

Whether I am on the marsh or in the street where I reside…there is always the familiar song of the blackbird. They are the first birds to start the dawn chorus and the last birds to be singing in the evening…the blackbirds in my street tend to imitate the beepy tunes of my washing machine! ūüėõ

Buzzard Country

Buzzard Country 007

As you can see, you really don’t want to mess with a buzzard….you wouldn’t want to be a shrew or a mouse either.

These raptors have a good life here in the Frisian meadows…and there are a multitude of convenient perching posts to enable them to survey their territory. It’s worth bearing in mind to move slowly when they are around too because they do have a habit of attacking people during nesting time…especially cyclists and joggers.

These photographs were taken last August just in case you are wondering about the lush green meadows and the obvious difference in the light…it’s been more than 6 months since I’ve been there, yet I do hear some vague rumours (spread by the hopeful songs of great tits and blackbirds) that the winter will eventually¬†give up…

Until that fine day¬†I have only an archive of memories to share, which in turn prove to me that spring and summer really do exist, so you’ll have to forgive my random indulgence. ūüėČ

Underneath is the best view I had of a marsh harrier the same day I met the buzzard….the harriers’ speciality is flying slow and silent, almost levitating at times.

Buzzard Country 144


Lately, while I’m pottering about in the garden, I’m amazed¬†just how close the birds will get to me…so¬†¬†after a while I decided to¬†swap the¬†secateurs for a camera and sit and wait…

Initially¬†this female blackbird was quite shy¬†and remained in close vicinity to the privet hedge making clucking noises….after a while she regained her somewhat bossy countenance and decided to show me that it was her food…a regular display that she usually performs for the other blackbirds, she spends a lot of her time chasing them round the garden just because they want to eat too…

In the first shot she was charging straight at me so fast I could barely fit her in the frame…. o.O