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Elusive Virtuoso

I really do love all bird songs, but the Marsh Warbler’s compositions are on a different level altogether…


Of Lanes and Melodies


Line Up


The Morning After…


The Whirring of Summer Marshes

Song of the Wood Warbler


Morning Glory



In the Midst of Change…



Centre of Attention

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 113

Waiting for the Sun

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 006

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 011

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 080

Birds, Birds, Birds =) 091

Chasing the Dawn

The Early One 001

The Early One 004

The Early One 010

The Early One 025

The Early One 047

The Early One 053

Midsummer Magnetism

Quieter 041

Neglecting to blog in the month of July means that I am still posting photographs from June…throughout the duration of this hiatus I was still getting out there with my camera, therefore I have collected quite a lot of images to sort through and arrange for the blogosphere…

However for the last couple of weeks my bicycle has been in a workshop for some serious repairs 😐 ….which in turn has given me the chance to catch up with the blog…I was able to borrow a bicycle but I don’t really feel right about cycling long distances and leaving the bike unattended in the midst of the wild…

The above image of a Meadow Pipit is from late June…this bird was still singing enthusiastically in this time amongst the long grass of the meadows which encompass the marsh. 🙂

Frequent Delays

Tour de Mid-Fryslan 020

It would have been more respectful to this Ruff to be introduced in his attractive breeding plumage…but as usual I delayed…and forgot…and became more concerned with other aspects of the natural world…almost like I’m in a permanent state of distraction.

It can be difficult to fit everything in when the seasons race by so fast…

Three in a Row

In the Lanes 013

Three consecutive exposures of an adult Coot with a young coot. 🙂

In the Lanes 014


In the Lanes 015

Striking Gold

In the Lanes 026

There are always Goldfinches here in the meadows and marshes of Friesland, always in restless groups, twittering as they go and always avoiding me and my camera…until this day when I managed to sneak up on them behind the cover of brambles and hawthorns… 😉

In the Lanes 048




Hakuna Matata

A Quick Shower 014

New Life

Wild & Windy 020

Every summer there are plenty of new arrivals on the marsh, such as this juvenile Reed Bunting viewing me from close range with youthful curiosity… 😉

Premier League Status

Wild & Windy 069

Acccording to the BBC nature presenter Chris Packham, the Reedling aka Bearded Tit is a Premier League bird and I can definitely see his point…

By now I have become quite used to having this amazing and colourful species around, they usually forage in groups at this time of year and announce their presence by the instantly recognizable “ping” call that they make as they skillfully flutter about through the extensive reedbeds.

Photographing this particular species remains a challenge as they are constantly on the move, I can even manage to get quite close but they present theirselves for a split second before disappearing into the seemingly impenetrable reed cover…


On the Surface

Tree Sparrows & More 081

A juvenile Eurasian Coot awaiting plumage renewal which will enable it to dive beneath the surface…


One Last Chance

Tree Sparrows & More 121

On this day back in the middle of June, many attempts at capturing a shot of a Meadow Pipit didn’t quite make the grade…

Until of course the moment I got on my bicycle to leave…

This young bird met me at the top of the lane and surprisingly waited while I got the camera out of the bag and made the neccesary preparations, still sitting on the bicycle I was fortunate enough to get in one last spontaneous photo session before daylight faded into night.


An Unexplained Pursuit…

Superfly 147

These Black-headed Gulls were hunting something in the reeds…

They were using a strategy of hunting in groups, flying low over the reedbeds then diving simultaneously into the reeds…it was like they were rounding something up…unfortunately I never managed to find out exactly what they were up to… 😕

Superfly 171

Superfly 181

Superfly 125


A Brief Moment of Stability

Sunday Morning 124

Reed Buntings are plentiful in the reed beds on the marsh, swinging to and fro in the windblown reeds, squeaking out their trademark, staccato song…the above image was taken in a rare, tranquil moment on a blustery Sunday morning in June…

Sunday Morning 115

Just On Time

Sunday Morning 052

For the last three years I have noticed that Reed Warblers are always the last summer visitor to arrive on the marsh…It’s Always good to hear their song again and the Cuckoos are most delighted with their timely return! 😉

Sunday Morning 047

A Cunning Plan…

Early Birds 122

Cuckoos have been getting very excited and full of themselves lately…my personal theory for this behaviour is the arrival of Reed Warblers on the marsh… 😉

Early Birds 041