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Bovine Sunset

On the outskirts of the lake and marsh area are drier fields where cattle and sheep live their lives, they have¬†this habit of distracting me and seem to enjoy posing for the camera…they are quite often curious and stroll over….maybe its that red¬†light on my camera…?

Everchanging Skies

Goldfinches,Heron,Cows,Reed Buntings etc 001

So it has not been a perfect summer here in the Netherlands this year by any stretch of the imagination…plenty of rain giving cause for the general population to complain and moan about not being able to bask in the sun like lizards…

Quite honestly from my perspective clear blue skies can get very boring….give me a selection of clouds dramatically changing the light from one minute to the next any day…

These photos were taken on the same August evening again at the lake surrounded by marshland called De Leijen in Friesland.

Goldfinches,Heron,Cows,Reed Buntings etc 180

Goldfinches,Heron,Cows,Reed Buntings etc 246