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Meanwhile in the Garden…

Into the Doorstep Wilderness 086

Into the Doorstep Wilderness 032

Into the Doorstep Wilderness 081

Garden Quicky 027

Into the Doorstep Wilderness 054

The Opportunist 007

The Opportunist 016

The Aster Project

Aster Foxes 131

My most contrived project of the year begins to grow in April and eventually reaches fruition by the end of October….basically I let Asters overtake the whole of my doorstep wilderness and then patiently wait for a few sunny days when hoverflies, bees, butterflies and the occasional damselfly descend on the flowers for the abundance of nectar before the chill of autumn kicks in… 😉

Aster Foxes 007

Aster Jungle 075

Aster Jungle 109

Aster Jungle 113


Aster Jungle 143

Aster Jungle 154

Aster Jungle 199

Aster Jungle 013