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Wear & Tear

Try Again =) 231

At the end of a long, intense morning photographing insects in the baking sun I decided to rest with a sugary drink in preparation for the return journey back to heartical HQ…

Almost immediately this rather ragged looking Ringlet turns up and seems rather attracted to the orange lid on the bottle and then decides to come and sit right next to me…all morning I had been carefully creeping around after shy butterfies and dragonflies which were acutely sensitive and flew away at the slightest of movements… 😉

Try Again =) 252

Ringlets & Gatekeepers

Sunshi 081

Butterflies with such legendary names as these just deserve to be named in the title…

On several occasions this year I failed to get good images of a ringlet so this was a small victory…add to that the bonus of meeting my first gatekeeper and the promise of a trip to the forest snackbar and you have one of those days that you can dream about in the middle of winter… 😉

Sunshi 107

Sunshi 071

Sunshi 076