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Sunny Side Up

JDP & De Leyen 161

After the recent post displaying shovelers on a cloudy day, I only thought it was fair to add one of a shoveler with some sun and colour in this late burst of summer we have been experiencing the last couple of weeks. 😉

Under the Radar

Dragonfly Scorcher 025

Sitting next to the lake I was pondering on how dragonflies always seem to keep their distance from me, avoiding my eager lens for two whole years, when I noticed a keeled skimmer systematically patrolling the margins and repeatedly returning to the same spot to observe the view…

After making several (clumsy) attempts to photograph the skimmer without any results at all…I returned to my seat to rethink my strategy…

Crawling on my belly was the only real option that remained…keeping low to avoid the dragonflies’ highly advanced detection system. 😉

Dragonfly Scorcher 079

Dragonfly Scorcher 036

Dragonfly Scorcher 041

Dragonfly Scorcher 069


Lavender Days

beez katz spoonz =D 058

Ten years ago, right next to the back door, I planted a couple of lavender plants…these days, although they have become a bit old and ragged they never fail to produce a multitude of flowers, rich in nectar which, in turn attract swarms of bees to entertain me as I soak in the hot afternoon sun.

In recent years we have unfortunately seen a decline in the number of bees which makes these “lavender days” even more special and joyful as I watch them for hours as they busily buzz from flower to flower…I marvel at their constant activity, I laugh when they occasionally fly into one another and just immerse myself in this fleeting moment where everything seems almost perfect.

beez katz spoonz =D 062

beez katz spoonz =D 071