An Abrupt Change of Plan

“We’ve gone on holiday by mistake. We’re in this cottage
here. Are you the farmer?”
Excerpt from ‘Withnail and I’ from Bruce Robinson

Arriving to Meet the Storm 001

Usually before I venture out, I will have thoroughly studied what could possibly happen weatherwise to avoid unnecessary and unpleasant situations…

Not wanting to cycle in the dark, due to the faulty rear light on my bicycle and a rather narrow road without a cyclepath, I left as soon as it was light…my intention was to cycle a route of about 30-35km to somewhere I’d never been before, I did however notice that the sky was becoming very interesting…

About halfway I decided to stop and rest for a bit in the forest next to the pingo-pocked heathland…it seemed perfect but the sky was reminding me of my own apparent vulnerability. 😕

Arriving to Meet the Storm 015


All of a sudden there was a gale humming through the forest under the darkest of clouds…being miles from my pc I couldn’t check the radar to see if this was really going to happen, the clouds must have unexpectedly changed course…

The obvious precipitation followed, the only shelter for miles around was the forest itself…

So I settled for a cosy spot under an oak tree and sat it out for an hour or two, waiting for the worst of the storm to pass…I was kept company by a tree pipit and some frogs and although the current turn of events had washed out my original plans I was just content to experience being in this forest at dawn in a storm…a new experience for me…I stayed dry too! 🙂

Arriving to Meet the Storm 033


2 responses

  1. What lovely company!

    July 2, 2014 at 5:39 pm

    • Yes they certainly were! 🙂

      July 2, 2014 at 7:30 pm

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